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Together We Will Climb Mountains

Having suffered a severe stroke March 1, 2016 I was paralyzed on the left side, could not swallow or walk and could barely speak. Subsequently, while at Bridgepoint Rehab hospital I had two serious falls tearing out my stomach feeding tube on one and seriously hitting my head on the other occasion, I was rushed back to acute care at St Mike's on three other occasions first when my gall bladder ruptured, then when I developed pneumonia and finally an abscess on the left side of my stomach cavity. I had three tubes inserted in my core and drainage bags attached to each leg.

The best days were when I could eat solids again, serendipitously that started with chocolate, standing up and waking to the bathroom on my own, the last week at Bridgepoint visiting home for mother's day with Hazells and O'Youngs surrounding me, Flipping brother Richard 'the bird' upon his return from his tennis vacation at Hilton Head. My first day in my new home at Rowanwood which finished with my standing up from my wheelchair and dancing with my lovely wife Gail while at the Toronto Lawn's Calcutta bidding party.

 REHAB my sheer will and desire fueled by the love and support of all those around me was working its magic  

Since then there have been many more high points. Each day I feel stronger and more blessed as I make personal progress, which is both physical and mental. A good friend of mine, Jim Hayhurst wrote a book called the ' Right Mountain '.  Which is a metaphor for our life journey and the need to be self-aware enough to understand what the right life path, (mountain) is for you at that particular moment

Today the mountain I climb is quite different.  It is much higher than the mountain I was climbing pre stroke but with your continued help and support and programs like those at Toronto Rehab I will climb it with others like Howie Rocket and me and we will continue to live productive and fulfilling lives.

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Oct 14, 2017 9:30 AM
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Rocket Ride 4 Rehab

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